About Us

What is Transition?The aim of Transition is to help you be the catalyst in your community for an historic push to make where you live more resilient, healthier and bursting with strong local livelihoods, while also reducing its ecological footprint.
It’s something that can only happen from the ground up, driven by ordinary people, when they get together to make a change for the better
What’s going on nationally?

  • Food growing groups
  • Community owned small businesses
  • Community owned energy
  • Community relations
  • REconomy projects for local jobs


The Big Issues:Climate Change

Addicted to Oil

A skewed economy

Endless expansion


What are we doing locally?LED Street Lighting



Seed Scheme

Land share

Anaerobic Digester for food waste

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Get involvedThe transition group is a resource – tell us what you are interested in.

No matter how much or how little time you have, together we can make the difference.

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