LED street lighting for Lavenham

John Hooper of the Energy Sub-Group has engaged with the Parish Council to jointly develop a scheme for the replacement of the current street lighting lamps with LEDs. These are arranged to be remotely controlled, endure longer, saving replacement costs, and use less electricity. The Parish Council has arranged funding for the execution of the scheme, which is currently in progress.

Solar PV on the village hall

A renewable investment company has formed a special company to invest in Transition Lavenham’s projects. The first of the projects is the installation of solar PV panels providing up to 10 kW on the lower roof of the village hall. The system was installed and commissioned in November 2015 by local company Solarworks.

Anaerobic digestion of food waste

Transition Lavenham was awarded a grant by WRAP to study the feasibility of an anaerobic digestion plant in our area for the treatment of domestic and commercial food waste. The study was terminated when it was found that Suffolk County Council is contracted to supply its residual waste, which currently includes the arising food waste, to Sita’s Energy-from-Waste plant at Blakenham.

The Energy Sub-Group conducted its own study which included the potential for farm crops, which now will provide relevant data for local farmers, particularly now that the commonly grown sugar beet in our area may be subject to reduction in its production with the introduction of a sugar tax.


Lavenham Parish does not have any public allotments. A handful of privately owned plots and our garden share scheme almost meet present demand.  The privately owned site, behind Ropers Court, is a potential building plot in the medium term.  It follows, that we should seek a longer term solution, including ancillaries such as storage and toilets.

Please contact Carroll Reeve on 01787 247674.


In 1921 there were at least 24 orchards in Lavenham parish, of which 19 were in the village itself. Today, only one of these ancient orchards survive.

Transition Lavenham wants to encourage local fruit and nut production. We have planted fruit trees on the Village Hall grounds, but we need your help to identify where more trees 4 or 5 trees minimum might grow.

Don’t know anything about orchards?   Please contact John Knight on 01787 247728.

Seed Scheme

We distribute packs of starter vegetable seeds to members annually.  This initiative has gone down well with both established gardeners and others. Feedback on the quality of the seeds was also positive. These seeds were bought from Terwin Seeds of Cockfield Green.  They offer a seed purchase discount scheme, part of which covers our costs and part is passed onto members.  The scheme could be used to introduce new members.  Most gardeners select and buy their seeds during the autumn/winter months.

We have begun some land share arrangements – vegetables, fruit, salads and chickens! We also distributed free seed to a number of local vegetable growers.  Do you have some spare land?  Do you need some land to grow things on?

Please contact Carroll Reeve on 01787 247674.

Localised waste management

Presently Lavenham’s sewage goes to a collection station to the East of the village just off the road to Brent Eleigh from where it is transported to a treatment plant. Waste for recycling is collected in blue bins for transport to a processing unit, while residual waste, which includes food waste, is collected in black bins for assembly in local collection centres for delivering to the Energy-from-Waste plant. In Suffolk there is now no need for land fill.

We are looking at ways to save these transport costs and potentially provide a source of locally generated electricity by establishing a local energy centre next to the sewage collection station with anaerobic digestion of Lavenham’s food waste.

Comments please to John Busby on 01284 830138.

Energy Sub-Group

John Busby leads a small team studying energy issues, with members John Hooper and Tony Sheppard.

How Green is your house?

Before it can be sold your house needs a survey to produce an energy performance certificate survey. Carried out by government approved surveyors this shows how you could save money on electricity and gas bills.

Local issues 

If you feel some issues are overlooked and would like to help to take this Transition initiative further please contact any member of the steering team.

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